What is photopostcard?

Congratulation of close ones, friends and kilometres far away soul mates is a tradition not only during holidays. Written wishes for the Happy New Year were sent in ancient times by the people of China and Egypt. In Europe such wish writing tradition began popular in 15th century. Usually they were written wished with different self-made images.

Exclusive photopostcards

If you need a type of photopostcard that is not available via our online editor, or you don't have time or experience to create it by yourself, full photopostcards offer with information about ordering can be found here.

Why us?

Al least you can send your favourite photos as photopostcards for every occasion: birthday, name day, wedding, Christmas, New Year, Easter or even St. Valentine's Day, Mother Day or other holidays.

Make everyone happier with hand-made photopostcards and prove that such present which can be hold in hands has not lost its magic powers.

Each is unique, each is about you on

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