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  • Printing technologies

    1. Cut printing Flex – graphic materials are cut with plotter from colored films and then are pressed onto the fabric.

    Flex film has a soft rubber surface, long life, excellent hiding power.
    It is used for printing simple graphics, text and logos.
    Examples of Flex film

    2. Transfer printing is a method of transferring colors on a transfer paper: colors are not printed directly onto t-shirt, but first on a transfer paper. Then it is ironed onto fabric.

    For different needs we use 2 types of transfer paper:

    A. For printing photos and colored images/logos – Classic Transfer
    B. New technology in Slovakia! One-side Flex-Soft - for raster photos and designs with incredible printing options: vintage effect, used image, fashion, vectors, very subtle details. Raster allows water to penetrate through design during washing and it significantly increases the life of the design materials.
    Color examples of transfer paper Flex-Soft

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