Registration in the online editor

1. Select "Registration" in the top menu

2. You can sign up for our editor either by creating an account, either through your Google Account (recommended), or through another social network.

3. If you have chosen to register via Google, provide a phone number, agree at least with the terms of service (you do not have to agree to receive e-mail notifications, but we recommend that you do so, then you can always choose which e-mails about the status of your order or changes on your account you want to receive) and press the «Registration» button

4. The editor's page has recently received SSL security certificate and the certificate is being verified by Google, so you will be redirected on this page. Feel free to press «Advanced».

You will go through this procedure only once!

5. Click «Go to»

6. Click «Allow» three times

7. Click «Allow»

8. After pressing «Continue»

you get to the Personal Account

You can always revoke all permissions in your Google Account: