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    Black & white and colour copying up to A3 format

    Black & white copying on coloured paper up to A4 format


    Text digitization (OCR)

    Special individual offer for a large number of printouts for firms and companies dealing with the organization of seminars, conferences, trainings etc. - please e-mail us on info@tarawera.sk.

    Prices can be downloaded here.


    copying on CD/DVD = 1,00 €

    punching (2 or 4) = 0,005 €/page

    folding (7 types of automatic folding) = 0,02 €/page

    bending (up to 15 bends on 1 page) = 0,02 €/bend/page

    cropping (length to 520 mm and height to 80 mm) = 0,20 €/crop

    V1 brochures: bend + 2x clips up to 30 leaves (120 pages) with cropping = 0,26 € (when printing here)

    laminating one-sided A3 = 0,90 €/page
    laminating two-sided A3 = 1,80 €/page

    stapling = 0,02 €/clip

    perforation = 0,02 €/page

    Punch machine (for binding)

    Order processing while you wait free of charge! (If allowed by the current order status)

    Prices are in € including VAT and are valid from 01.02.2016
    Prices may be changed

    Binding documents up to A3 format

    Plastic binding from 0,71 €

    Wire binding from 1,03 €

    BooXTer binding with strap from 2,36 €


    We offer designer services for creating graphics for any product if printed here. Service price - 20 €/hour

    On request we will prepare an individual price offer for free.

    If You have any questions please email us on info@tarawera.sk
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