How to purchase and order the product

1. Click the button "Buy" top right

The online editor verifies the quality of the photos and the presence of empty photo containers. You can check and correct errors by either ignoring warnings.

2. To order more products, go to the tab "My products" and click "Buy" next to the selected product. If you have added all products to the cart, click "Finish order"

3. If you have not entered a phone number before, enter it in the required field. Check one of the delivery methods. If the method of delivery assumes postage, select postage, the editor will ask you to fill in the form with your delivery address. Provide additional information in the note, e.g. coupon numbers and passwords and click „Continue“

4. Select a payment method „TrustPay“ or "Paid by coupon" and click "Payment". Follow the instructions and you will then see summary information about your order on the screen. Click "Finish order"

5. You will see the last warning that the order will be printed exactly as it appears on the preview. You can agree to complete the order or cancel it.

If everything went well, you will see the information "Payment checking". If you have allowed us to send e-mails with information about your new orders in your personal account, you will then receive a confirmation e-mail. ATTENTION - also check the "SPAM" folder and if you find an e-mail there, mark that it is not spam, so that you can receive information about the status of your order.

You will see summary information about the order by clicking "Order information"

7. You can download the order information in PDF format or print it out