Requirements for digital issues

Sending of issues

- digital data can be delivered on CD, USB key, DVD

- Email files up to 15 MB to

- Files with a larger amount of data can be sent through various vaults such as, from which we will then download it

Naming of files

- welcome when the file name is an abbreviated name of client_order, for example business cards_yourcompany.pdf

- accents should not be used in the title 🙂

Format and quality of supplied documents

- PDF with text in curves


Design color mode


- PDF with text in curves - in case of backgrounds in RGB or other color spaces we do not guarantee the color of the print

Photo quality

the size of the photo should not be less than 1 MB, preferably 2 to 5 MB

Design resolution

at least 300 DPI in 1: 1 scale

Bleed and other

- the bleed should not be less than 3 mm. 5 mm is ideal

- there should be nothing important (texts, parts of important pictures, lines or frames) in the safe zone 5 mm from the edge on each side to avoid cropping inaccuracies